Friday, July 4, 2008

Songs In The Making

This week I got to hang out in Palacios, TX helping out with worship. Blake Quimby and I worked on some new stuff which we are both pretty excited about.

You reach down and train our hearts

, but set in our ways we fell apart

just like the moon that guides the tides

you guide our hearts in your direction

sin-soaked and tired we came

Isn't it just like you, to find us

chained in a prison of a dying place

, but love came and seized us, and link by link

these chains brittles and breaks when you breathe

creation sighs and wakes

can you hear the sound

Of your saints that await 

from this lowly ground

Our love is restored

My soul burns within me

waiting for Your hand to move


Constantly you've made a way

though near deaths gates we've escaped

You've shattered the fear that held us down

If all thats light turned night, surrounded us

somehow you would find us, 

oh to be lost no more


Sam said...

Very Nice...Reveiw mine? I could really use it.

SamLaLaLa said...

Hey thanks! I really appreciate it.