Saturday, July 5, 2008

Look On Us

More stuff Blake Quimby and I are working on.

The greatness of the Lord
Cannot be captured by a song
its hard to grasp or imagine
the power of this eternal god

his name alone can drive away
all the evil that plagues us all
with his breath hes made everything
that dwells within our soul

Sing high the almighty name of our God
lift your hearts and sing
come alive you church of complacent ones
oh that God would look on us

lover of the unloved
father of the abandoned ones
his compassion for the desolate
is wild and strong

arise, render the love that saves
its a furious fire that overtakes
although fears and doubts come flooding in
come lose to gain ,become awake

“Thy look is Thy being… I am, because Thou dost look at me… if Thou didst turn Thy glance from me, I should cease to be.” – Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464)

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