Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thrift Stores......

Theres something about thrift stores that I like. Maybe its the mystery and intrigue of what treasures sit inside the place. Or maybe it's that everything is under $5 most of the time. It truly is a beautiful place, I would even argue thay are better than the Walmart's and Target's. I've had two of my best finds at thrift stores. A few days ago i found this old, small casio keyboard, with a strange tape playing deal in it that looks like its before the time of the 8 track. When i got it home i began to play it and noticed the pitches were was out of tune? how could this be? Apparently you have to tune it. Never before have i heard of tuning a keyboard, but this one is special i guess. So I searched my entire house for a screwdriver small enough to fit in the hole to turn the screw which does something to tune it. So I hooked it up to my tuner and tuned it and it hasn't gone out of tune yet. However this little keyboard is really neat, it has 8 different sounds in it. Plus on the side it has buttons dedicated to playing chords and you can change it to -min, or add a 7th, while you play melodies on the main keys. Hooked up to a Line 6 dl4, I can get some pretty cool tones out of it. the organ preset it has is great, and im sure it will have some more great sounds if i keep messing with it some more.

My next really great find was at a place called thrift town, I found a pretty old hardcase suitcase, that just so happenned to be perfectly sized to house all of my guitar pedals, chords, and such. The oustide of it has a really unique tan color to it, however the inside is light pink, which is fine by me, i would much prefer a different color but ........i could work with rose pink. So I bought some strips of velcro, which costs more money than the actual suitcase, and plastered the inside of the suitcase with velcro. and Wahhllaaa.......pedalboard. Im anxious to find out what other great treasures are sitting out there waiting to be found and put to use.