Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dreams of Flying

This song was featured on the King of California movie soundrack (It fit the movie so well), and during watching the movie and hearing it, I fell in love with it. So I bought the soundtrack and I've listened to it everyday this week. I, myself, am a dreamer so this song really resonates with me. I can get so caught up in my imagination and ideas, and to me this song is describing the constant chase for our dreams, and you never know which ones you'll catch, and when you do don't let go, and "try to stay afloat in this flood of dreams."


Oh how can I stand aside
and watch all these colors fly
out of this world and into the next
my heart is on fire
and I’m getting reckless

Lord the dream is slippin on
through my hand’s
are not made to hold
this flood of dreams is taking control

When you were mine
the sky was so high
forest were green
and the stars were bright
I’ve got the road leading me off
gravity dissolves

My home is floating on away
my dreams take to the road
as I try to stay afloat
in this flood
in this flood of dreams

Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Journal #15

This is what I write about in school.

What if we could say this is extremely not worth your time?
A recent poll suggests the most loved to hear phrase is "What If we..." now I don't know if it's the the three words that engage interest, or maybe it is the expressed option of a choice that one is given. Either way, it should be used as much as possible to test this theory. Apart from that, lists are making a comeback! Well, I'm not even sure they were as big of a deal as they are now. Lists are everywhere though, there is no escaping them. Everyone wants to categorize their favorite subjects of interest into an organized list. One through ten, with one being their said "favorite." Lists are interesting though, in some way they are kind of like photographs, the subject changes, and lists capture a section of a moment of our interests. None of this rambling is worth any of your time, but as a writer it's fun to expand on just a small thought and see where it goes. In this case, I didn't really go anywhere, but occasionally you strike GOLD! Anyways, where can all the small thoughts go? That's my question.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu and Celebration

26,000 plays. Praise God, I never have noticed how many plays I have on this myspace deal, but I have quite a few and I am very surprised and excited! iTunes here we come, sometime, anytime this month.

This Swine Flu is scaring me now! My mom is overdosing me on Vitamin C, which I really don't mind. The chewy, chalky tablets have a nice taste, and bring back fond childhood memories. I think It's getting pretty serious, or that's what the news leads me to believe.

So what can YOU do to prevent Swine Flu?

click here PREVENT SWINE
See ya.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Divorce, Seperation, and the feeling of coming back

For some reason divorce has been heavy on my mind. So, I decided to write a song about that. The feeling of divorce, seperation, fixing mistakes, and the feeling of coming back to someone.

Oh I can hear the ringing bells
You and the sound are next to each other
The echoes that run through your mind
The feeling of coming back to someone
You sweep up the heart put love away
I always thought we could change

All the lines we've seem to blurred
are coming back

so why can't you say
We've gotta find a way to each other
We've gotta find a way to recover

let's run back to the starting line
look for the pieces lost from the puzzle
find out how we can stop time
And cut the wire before we stumble
Dig out your heart for words to say
I always thought that we were safe

The feelings that make You and I
where never meant to be lost in the struggle
Sometimes I want this more than life,
just to be found, its so simple

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Emotion and Intellect

This is just an observation, but I seem to have paid attention to this a while back and never got to writing about it. Loneliness is a feeling that no one likes, even though it might be something everyone experiences, I've only experienced it as a feeling. As bad as it feels as just a feeling I couldn't imagine what a intellectual realization of loneliness would feel like. Let me explain this. I know for a fact that I have a God, family, mentors, and friends that would always do anything for me, and always be there. Yet, at the same time there are times when I feel lonely. Even though I know I have these people that surround me, I still experience this lonely feeling. I am thankful it is only on an emotional level. I could never imagine feeling loneliness from an intellectual standpoint. Let's be careful about how we spend our time, and make sure no one gets left out. Just an observation.