Monday, April 20, 2009

Divorce, Seperation, and the feeling of coming back

For some reason divorce has been heavy on my mind. So, I decided to write a song about that. The feeling of divorce, seperation, fixing mistakes, and the feeling of coming back to someone.

Oh I can hear the ringing bells
You and the sound are next to each other
The echoes that run through your mind
The feeling of coming back to someone
You sweep up the heart put love away
I always thought we could change

All the lines we've seem to blurred
are coming back

so why can't you say
We've gotta find a way to each other
We've gotta find a way to recover

let's run back to the starting line
look for the pieces lost from the puzzle
find out how we can stop time
And cut the wire before we stumble
Dig out your heart for words to say
I always thought that we were safe

The feelings that make You and I
where never meant to be lost in the struggle
Sometimes I want this more than life,
just to be found, its so simple

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