Thursday, July 24, 2008

Community Missions Coordinator

I have recently been given a new title at my church. I am lucky to be interning with my friend matt low, helping start bible studies at school's and coordinating service projects. I get to meet new people and do what I love doing, so I am thankful. Off to mississippi, saturday. IM PUMPED! OH and emmylou harris is playing in austin at stubbs August 6th. If your a fan ( I am) let me know, cause im alone in my love of Emmylou right now.

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SamLaLaLa said...

OK so you probably think I'm a stalker because I've never met you and here I am commenting on your blog again(and it's actually kind of a long and convoluted story of how I found your blog in the first place...) But if you didn't want random people reading you shouldn't have put it on the Internet mister! Anyway what I really meant to say is that you are not alone! Long story short, I saw a clip on YouTube of Emmylou and Elvis Costello performing on the Late Show and fell in love with her just a couple weeks ago! I just thought it was weird and I'll get out of your hair now.