Thursday, October 2, 2008

Victors and Vanquished

If anyone keeps up with this blog you might remember a time were my number one thing about college was the chance to read a book about the Aztecs and Spain in Victors and Vanquished. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to buy the book to read it so I did my report with information that is accurate from a video game called Medieval Total War: Americas. Not only do you learn about the clashing cultures and battles, you actually get to experience it somewhat virtually. I played both sides the Spaniards and the Aztecs and during the load screens it plays random quotes from people of that era, so I incorporated some of those. As much as I dislike playing video games, they have taught me a lot. I swear when I was 12 I should have been able to fly a plane because I completed Flight Simulator. I have learned about global trade and different economies, the pros and cons. I know many different types of handguns and weapons. It was from Madden that I learned the rules of football. So here's a toast to video games, as bad as people say they are, and as much as I dislike them, video games have done some good this time.

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Joel Runyon said...

you are an inspiration :)