Monday, September 8, 2008

God is enough.

For the past couple of months I have been thinking and praying about this phrase "God is enough." I've just been thinking, what would be the effect if everything we do reflected the realization that God is enough.

While sitting in a freshman orientation class, we were in a computer lab and the librarian was showing the class how to use the internet and look for books and research. (how many times have you sat through one of those before?) At that moment I began to feel like my life was wasting away, this is pointless, I wanna just leave and eat. Then out of nowhere I stumble across this article about children being used as soldiers. It caught my attention and stumbled across a profound quote that really shook me and has been haunting me. It was by a boy named Salifu Kamara, it said, "I was not born a boy soldier; my captives forced me to become one. I had to obey them to stay alive today. When you have nothing left but God, that is the time you realize that God is enough." (here's the story)

I'm not sure the means or what it means to have nothing left but God. It's a phrase that at times scares me as a christian to say that God is enough because there is so much that I want, money, success, attention, girls, comfort, etc.. In my heart I know God is enough, but my head wants to doubt that and say that there is better satisfaction in other things. It just does all sorts of things to me thinking, what it would look like, if the way we lived reflected the realization that God is enough. I want my life to have purpose, and when I take away everything about life that is meaningless: selfishness, anger and concern over stupid small things, worry, unsatisfaction, overspending, desire to be accepted, I end up with nothing left but God.


Jason Powers said...

You're the freaking man and you probably don't even know it. I referenced you in my blog 'cuz you rock so much.

The Powers' said...

great post david. glad that jason referenced you so i could read it!