Friday, September 5, 2008

Freakin' Texas

If you paid any attention to the republic convention, the Texas delegation should've caught your eye at least once. Decked out in cowboy hats, sparkles, and shirts of the Texas flag (notice I capitalized Texas, because I am proud of the state, just when this happens I question myself).

"ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Delegate Dawn Gilbert has gotten her fair share of attention at the Republican National Convention this week.

She wanted a hat to wear, so a friend decked out a Dr. Seus hat with a boat on one side, a basket of blueberries and a lobster on top.

She has been interviewed by several news outlets, including some individuals from the Republic of Georgia.

Across the floor was the Texas delegation, who waved their cowboy hats in sync. She stopped by.

“Well boys,” she said she told them, “how’s this for a hat?”

“Now that’s a real hat,” Texas said......"

"If you want know how to act at a convention, check out the Texas delegation. First, they all wear the same outfit topped with a cowboy hat, so they are really noticeable. Anyway, the Texas delegation also leads cheers. On Tuesday night, during some of the breaks, the delegation would yell "McCain!" and the alternates would respond with "Palin!" They're also encouraging people to stand up and wave their signs, and they even tried to get the wave going."

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