Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nighlight Poem

It's too safe
This cliffs worn edge is too safe
This cool mist grains against my face
Where it will have it's place in me
To mark my time of greatest need

The march of drum beats
Playing their songs of fear
The rattling of old bones ready to breathe
The stretching emptiness screams
It's too safe

Hunchbacked, stumbling
Running, clawing, crawling
Just to take a risk, to take a chance
Just to fall, to fail, to lose it all
Once we've made it to the end

Over, out, and past the cliff
Into where we do not want to go
Uncertain of what we know
Uncertain of what's above and below
It's too safe here
This, certainly I know.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Isn't this the life we all lead--so safe! Always afraid to take the daring step into the unknown. Kinda like taking our first step with Christ -- scary and unknown --yet we find out how great it is.