Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Daytrotter Sessions

Site of the week: The Daytrotter Sessions

I have known about this site for awhile, but I feel compelled to write about it now that I have grown to find myself on it everyday. It's a site dedicated to music; with reviews, original recordings, handrawn album covers, and great articles about the songs and the recording process. Some of my favorite bands such as my brightest diamond, bon iver, and damien jurado have some songs to download on here, and the cool thing is that it is all free. I hope to be on here some day, simply for the handrawn album cover.

I just finished watching Eagle Eye, and if you look past the fact of it being really far-fetched and unreal I thought it was a great movie. Oh and add me on twitter if you have one! I don't know what it's all about yet, but i have one now, and it feels good to tell "the world" what I'm doing during the day. So if your interested in what I am doing add me on twitter. It is ridiculous, but I think It's about to become an addiction. Or maybe I'm really caught up in writing about myself? Who knows?

Your probably wondering what I'm doing now? So your gonna go to twitter and it's gonna say "updating the old blogspot." I don't know how you knowing what I'm doing helps in the grand scheme of things, but EVERYONE'S DOING IT. I'm gonna follow the crowd on this one.

Oh yea and on top of that your probably wondering "Geez I wonder what David is listening to this very second?" Bam, to the right of this is a list of songs I have or am listening to. So now you can be as virtually connected to me as you want.

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