Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adventures of Steve & Dave 1: Dairy Queen Dreamland

So, we find ourselves craving a hot fudge sundae one night. Dairy Queen is our only option, because Steve has $0 and I only have $7, that makes it the only logical choice. It's 9:15 pm and we head out to meet a friend Trevor at Dairy Queen, whom we invited through facebook, to tag along this adventure. When we arrive I order 2 large hot fudge brownie sundaes. To my dismay, they gave us warm fudge and the brownie squares had dust all over them, like that puppy chow stuff girls make for us guys all the time. We sat ourselves in the most well lit booth in the way back hidden from anyone at the counter's view.

We devour our desserts, what once looked and tasted so good, was now somewhat disguisting. The soft serve, the now cold fudge, and dusty brownie squares were not cutting it. All of a sudden the lights go out! Only one thought instantly goes through all of our minds.

WE MAY BE LOCKED IN ALL NIGHT, SURROUNDED BY ICE CREAM AND ALL THE BLIZZARDS WE WANT. Endless amounts of dilly bars, ice cream cakes, hot fudge, and m&m's. So we stop talking, hunker down and hide. Someone walks by and doesn't even see us, at this point we felt for sure we were in. Unfortunately, they made another round and found us, and made us go home. This is only a glimpse at something greater, and rekindles our hope of maybe spending a night in the promised land. Dairy Queen.

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The Powers said...

ha ha ha. funny stuff