Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Shadow and Night Fire

The new album artwork is in the works, and what you see is what I've kinda thrown together. The album will be 10 songs,(free downloadable) and the focus is Bible stories. The title "The Shadow and Night Fire" is the title track, and I saw it fitting for this record and it's mood. Throughout the record it somewhat jumps between dark and bright, tones, and feelings. The song is taken from the story in Exodus when God leads his people as a cloud, and as a fire at night.

In this record, I really want to shift attention away from me, and I desire no credit for these songs. For me, it's about what God has done with me and everything, and He is the real creator, not me. I've always been fascinated with the Bible, and to this day it remains my encouragement and hope. So I'm extremely excited to share the stories(well, they are really way more than stories) with everyone. I want to share the music with everyone, and I think it will be well recepted. It doesn't matter where, anywhere is where I'll play, and what's funny is the churches(except for a select few) are the ones I never get booking responses from, you figure they would be interested? It makes me somewhat discouraged and sad. Anyways, It's a long ways from being finished, but join us in prayer and keep this in your thoughts as we make it.


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