Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Antonio, TX

We played twice in San Antonio once in the afternoon and at night. Trinity Academy was really awesome, I've only been there twice and they say they consider me family! Just a great group of kids, they were very responsive to the whole vision of the tour and we were blessed by them. Later that night we played at River City Community Church which was great because its my home church and my family finally got to hear my songs. I also had my full band play with me so it was a lot of fun! After the show we ate at Chuy's and then decided to take Tally to the alamo (he's never been) Now, the alamo experience is a whole different crazy story. Here it goes.

So we are at the alamo. We run into Maggy, she is very drunk, and her friend Sam who is really in love with her. He said he suffers from anxiety and nervousness so much that he lost tons of weight due to the amount of love he has for Maggy. Maggy doesn't like Sam very much at all. Well Maggy decides to give us a ghost tour of the Menger hotel. While incredibly drunk she manages to give us a pretty detailed description of the stories and ghosts that haunt the place, 36 confirmed ghost folks. Anyways, Tally in the middle of the tour gets lost and wanders around taking pictures. This worries us so we start asking "Where is Tally? We should wait for him" then Maggy abrubtly tells us "F*#* Tally" in the middle of the hotel lobby. So the security guard comes and helps us find Matt and Tally, and the security guard is totally rocking guyliner. Anyways, the tour continues as Maggy and the security guard with guyliner have somewhat of a tour guide off. We finally leave San Antonio, and make it to Houston at 4 am.
Our final show on the Texas leg of the tour is Wednesday. Then we head to Wisconsin.

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